Personal Illustration

Personal illustration done in my spare time. Painted in photoshop.                          

Six Stinky Feet and a Sasquatch

Peppermint Toast Publishing. Published 2020 When Annie meets a new friend in the forest, she can hardly believe her eyes or nose! Join her as she learns about her new pal, teaches him some new games and tries to turn her mother into a Bigfoot believer.      

Gracie’s Got a Secret

MW Books. Published 2011. An impatient and feisty little goldfish named Gracie escapes her fishbowl and leaves her family, determined to share a secret with the outside world. Along the way, she befriends a weepy alligator who’s stuck in the sewer and a circus elephant with dreams of freedom. By helping her new pals, Gracie … Read More

Virtual Plein Air

Virtual plein air studies painted in photoshop. Office window at different times of day/seasons Church at different times of day Still life study of different lighting on same objects